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افتراضي Zwierzyniec

Zoo - a town in the province. Lublin, Zamosc in the part, the bottom of urban-rural commune Zwierzyniec. In the years 1975-1998 the township administratively belonged to the province. Zamoœو. According to GUS details from December 2009, the conurbation had 3 278 inhabitants.
From 1 January 2010, the diocese has grown by some village Obrocz, with an area of ??136.92 hectares

Zoological garden is an superior and regularly visited visitor and quiet resort in Roztocze and is considered "top" of the Centre mites. It is located on the Wieprz, at the fringe between Roztocze National Park. Holds its headquarters here, in a red-letter country estate ("Palace of plenipotentiary") in front of it's new Concentrate exchange for Erudition and Museum of the park. In their precincts, just as the southern bounds of the urban district, there are ponds, "Echo."
To the west of Zwierzyniec 3 km away is the type between lime-sand Roztocze Middle and West Roztocze loess. The city on all sides is surrounded nearby forests, which ensconced 66% of the commune.

The most representative building in village is a church on the islet of St. Nicholas. John of Nepomuk from the Baroque facade of the mid-eighteenth century (1741-1747), funded near the then Ordynat Thomas Antoni Zamoyski. The restrained up-country murals are Smuglewicz Luke.
It should also over a brewery founded close to Zamoyski in 1806 in the notable edifice is now the retinue's bottling beer Perla Lublin - Lublin Breweries. In the courtyard of the weed since August 2000, every year is Summer Picture Academy.
Quite captivating and on the verge of obscure area is Zwierzyniec Borek. It is a complex of 71 ligneous houses that were built at the walk into a stop of the 20s and 30 Twentieth century, when the Ordinance Zamojska peasants gave the area a rouse of rights to easements. Borek creates six streets, one of which, st. Narrow, is single because of its comprehensive and fully-preserved awkward buildings. Walk the streets and other Borek takes us into the milieu of the interwar period.
In the years 1940-1944 the Nazis created a lodge for civilians and resettlement camp respecting the populace expelled from the Zamosc region. In this square footage there is straight away occasionally Roman-Catholic Church. Our Lady Cynosure of Polish in the another half of the twentieth century.
Strongest article: The expulsions of Poles during Elated In conflict II made beside the Germans.
In Zwierzyniec are 68 different monuments, plaques and historical and churchgoing figures, as per hundred of inhabitants there is at one quarry representing apropos 50 people. This is unmistakeably a report nationwide. Quantity these monuments are among others dedicated to the soldiers of Army, Bucolic Battalions, foresters, ormowcom, insurgents January, the French captives, Hungary, dog Marysieٌka Sobieska and profuse other characters or events. The most well-known cenotaph (obelisk) - the only solitary in the crowd - is a gravestone in a burgh woodland, placed to immortalize the eradication of locusts, during its attack on the municipality in 1711

Accommodation Zwierzyniec - on this folio - noclegi zwierzyniec
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